Animals are special to me. This is where I share them with you.

Shipping Changes

Priority shipping is an option again. It has been taking anywhere between 1 to 5 days. I always recommend express or ups overnight if it is within your budget.

As a SPECIAL, I am offering

FREE Priority shipping on any order over $120,

FREE Express Shipping on orders over $159, and

FREE Overnight shipping on orders over $199.

I still want you to have access to healthy fish during this time.

My name is Darren Atiyeh.

I am a young hobbyist, entrepreneur, minimalist, employer, health coach, a realtor, produce cooperative owner, yoga teacher, professionally trained classical musician, a cancer survivor, and a 9 year raw vegan. This standard of health in myself and in my fish is what you are supporting with your purchase. I am obsessed with making animals healthy and offering them to you. You wont find a better source for your aquatic life.

You can read about what I have done with my own health at

Scroll down for shipping information, policies, and what makes me different from other sources of aquatic life.

100% Live Arrival and Healthy Guarantee

You are purchasing animals from ME. A person. Not a huge corporation. I guarantee a wonderful experience with your online purchase, and this includes a guarantee that your animals will arrive alive and in the best possible health. No ammonia burn, external parasites, sunken bellies, or fish in compromised health. Guaranteed. The Post Office mishandling your package is my problem, not yours. Reshipment is on me, or a refund will be issued for the cost of the fish (my choice refund or replacement based on availability and shipping circumstances). Reshipment at my expense is unheard of in the fish industry (But this is what I would want). I will ask you to return the favor by purchasing a few more fish to help me out with the reshipping expense. I ship all replacements out priority even if your original shipping method was an expedited method. You may upgrade replacement shipping for the difference in postal cost. I reserve the right to hold replacement shipping for timely shipping periods without major delays via usps. If you do not want to wait, you can upgrade to ups 2 day or overnight for the difference. Contact me within 1 hour of delivery with any issues involving your shipment. Take pictures, or better a short video of any fish that are not alive on arrival, or are struggling inside of the bag. Include your order number and photos in ONE email or text message to me. Fish that are struggling are still covered beyond a live arrival guarantee. That's what makes me different. But you must contact me immediately so I can provide instructions. I cannot replace or refund a fish that is brought to my attention after delivery. I generally process refunds for minor loss and do replacement shipping in the extremely rare case of major loss. Email or text 517 292 0046. Include pictures of each fish and your order number with any claim.

Let me make something very clear about my policy for live arrival and delays related to carriers.

I state that I cover losses due to delays. There is no need to use threatening language in order to get me to follow through. In the rare case of loss, I go above and beyond my policies to take care of issues. I have only decided to put these policies down as a baseline if you are out of line with me. Receiving a poorly treated package is not fun for you, but it is also just as disheartening for me. Before you contact me with prejudice, or a sour attitude, take a deep breath, and remember I am a person too. I try my best everyday, and you should try your best to be patient and professional. I always make things right.

I Am Proud of My Shipping Practices, oh yeah, and its free after 120 dollars...

One of the Longest Quarantines in the Industry

Short quarantines will address concerns such as fungus, ick, and even bacterial infections. But an often overlooked threat is lurking internal parasites. I source some fish from domestic farms and my exporters around the world. With outdoor housing, there are parasites that all fish are exposed to from wild birds and insects. These are responsible for aquariums where the fish slowly waste away over weeks or months. There are excellent medications for these, and even salt can be used. However, any treatment given to the fish only treats either the adult worms, or their eggs currently in the fish. Never both at the same time due to the eggs protective layer. To combat these pests, I treat for parasites over a period of weeks to ensure no stage of infection will be introduced into your tank. The difference is noticeable. My fish experience faster growth, longer lifespans, and they exhibit breeding behavior faster.

I am very finicky abut what I send out in transit. I live a lifestyle that minimizes animal suffering and I am not about to neglect this ideal for the sake of my business. I only put fish in the mail who meet my high standard of health. You can place an order and I can become dissatisfied with the health of your fish before their shipment day for a variety of reasons. You may get an email from me with a concern about this portion of your order. I do not just send out fish and hope for a good outcome. I love these animals as my own, and shipping an animal whose health I've called into question would keep me up at night. I will send the portion of the order in question when they are ready. Separate shipment is on me of course. I appreciate your patience so much.

Tank Dreams

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Mon-Sun Appointment Only During This Difficult Lockdown Situation

Please call or text before heading out. I am very good about answering my phone. Text 24/7 or call between 10 am and 9pm Eastern Time.

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