Animals are special to me. This is where I share them with you.

Welcome to Tank Dreams! Here you will find aquatic life with the best guarantee on the internet. Your fish and invertebrates are guaranteed to arrive alive and thrive for 7 days after arrival. Please order with confidence knowing you and your livestock are protected.

I am proud to offer FREE priority mail shipping over 74.99, and FREE overnight shipping with orders over 134.99.

You can view all of the items I have in stock at once by clicking here. Please note that not all items can be listed on aquabid, but the majority are.

Im Darren, the owner and founder of Tank Dreams. A life threatening diagnosis steered me to follow a nutrient dense, disease fighting lifetsyle. This ultimately inspired a new understanding of how I cared for my animals. They needed nutrients all the same and I found they experienced similar benefits. This standard of health in myself and in my fish is what you are supporting with your purchase. I am obsessed with making animals healthy in a way I have done for myself, and then I offer them to you. You won't find a better source for your aquatic life.

Click on shipping information, quarantine, and the 7 Day Health Guarantee tabs over on the left. Here you can read about my style of shipping, quarantine, and what makes me different then other sources of aquatic life. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. I ship every order myself.

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