The Health Of Your Animals

One of the Longest Quarantines in the Industry

Short quarantines will address concerns such as fungus, ick, and even bacterial infections. But an often overlooked threat are lurking internal parasites. I source some fish from domestic farms and my exporters around the world. With outdoor housing, there are parasites that all fish are exposed to from wild birds and insects. These are responsible for aquariums where the fish slowly waste away over weeks or months. There are excellent medications for these, and even salt can be used as an effective treatment. However, any treatment given to the fish only treats the adult worms, never the eggs currently in development due to their protective layer. To combat these pests, I treat for parasites over a period of weeks to ensure no stage of infection will be introduced into your tank. The difference is noticeable in your aquarium. My fish experience faster growth, longer lifespans, and they exhibit breeding behavior faster.

I am very finicky abut what I send out in transit. I live a lifestyle that minimizes animal suffering and I am not about to neglect this ideal for the sake of my business. I only put fish in the mail who meet my high standard of health. You can place an order and I may become dissatisfied with the health of your fish before their shipment day for a variety of reasons. You may get an email from me with a concern about this portion of your order. I do not just send out fish and hope for a good outcome. I love these animals as my own, and shipping an animal whose health I've called into question would keep me up at night. I will send the portion of the order in question when they are ready. Separate shipment is on me of course. I appreciate your patience so much.