7-Day Health Guarantee


Alive and Thrive. A Promise.

You are purchasing animals from ME. A person. Not a huge corporation. I guarantee a wonderful experience with your online purchase, and this includes a guarantee that your animals will arrive alive and in the best possible health. No ammonia burn, external parasites, sunken bellies, or fish in compromised health. Guaranteed. The Post Office mishandling your package is my problem, not yours. Reshipment is on me, or a refund will be issued for the cost of the fish (my choice refund or replacement based on availability and shipping circumstances). Reshipment at my expense is unheard of in the fish industry (But this is what I would want). I will ask you to return the favor by purchasing a few more fish to help me out with the reshipping expense. I ship all replacements out priority even if your original shipping method was an expedited method. You may upgrade replacement shipping for the difference in postal cost. I reserve the right to hold replacement shipping for timely shipping periods without major delays via usps. If you do not want to wait, you can upgrade to ups 2 day or overnight for the difference. Contact me within 1 hour of delivery with any issues involving your shipment. Take pictures, or better a short video of any fish that are not alive on arrival, or are struggling inside of the bag. Include your order number and photos in ONE email or text message to me. Fish that are struggling are still covered beyond a live arrival guarantee. That's what makes me different. But you must contact me immediately so I can provide instructions. I cannot replace or refund a fish that is brought to my attention after delivery. I generally process refunds for minor loss and do replacement shipping in the extremely rare case of major loss. Email tankdreams.shop@gmail.com or text 517 292 0046. Include pictures of each fish and your order number with any claim.