7-Day Health Guarantee


Alive and Thriving. A Promise.

You are purchasing animals from ME. A person. Not a huge corporation. I guarantee a wonderful experience with your online purchase, and this includes a guarantee that your animals will arrive alive and in the best possible health. No ammonia burn, external parasites, sunken bellies, or fish in compromised health. Guaranteed. In general, the occasional small loss in shipping or after a fish arrives is handled as a refund or credit. In the rare event of major loss upon arrival, replacements are sent out at no cost. In the even rarer event of major loss after arrival within 7 days, replacements are covered if procedures covered below are followed. Read through the following scenarios and what you are responsible for in each to make sure we are able to process the guarantee for you.

Package arrives and there is loss upon arrival or within 7 days- In this unfortunate scenario, please take a picture of the loss individually, and all in one photo and email them to tankdreams.shop@gmail.com. Minor loss is processed as a refund or credit, and major loss is replaced or a credit provided.

You have an honest responsibility to your animals and to my guarantee. You must contact me with issues immediately as I will be able to give instructions for mitigating additional loss. Failure to contact me immediately and follow instructions will null and void my extended guarantee. If there is an issue upon arrival, all the photos must be sent immediately to me for processing. As issues progress, you must take photos and send them in an email to document any additional loss as it occurs. The pictures must show that the fish was removed from the aquarium shortly after death. Fish that were not removed quickly will void the guarantee for the rest of the order. 

Package is delayed or lost by carrier- We must wait 2 weeks before we can provide replacements or credit for lost or delayed shipments. Often times the fish are fine as breather bags are ready to provide a proper environment for the long haul. If the package is not received within 2 weeks, a replacement will be sent out if available, or a credit given for the full order cost. Refunds are not available in this case.

Package arrives damaged, but the fish are still the right temperature- Take pictures of the damaged box. Open your bags normally and contact me if they do not acclimate to their new environment quickly. You must contact me the moment any of them display abnormal behavior or if they refuse to eat shortly after arrival.

Package arrives, and the fish are too hot or too cold- Slowly bring them to the correct temperature by taking the top insulation off of the package and waiting 5 minutes. Then remove the bags from the box and allow them to warm up or cool down on a table or counter for 5 minutes. Then set the bags on top of the aquarium to reach the correct temperature before adding your inhabitants. Take pictures of any issues inside and outside of the bag, and contact me. I will have special quarantine instructions that must be followed. In this case, minor loss will be processed as a refund or credit. Major loss will be processed as a replacement or credit.

Package arrives DAMAGED, and the fish are too hot or too cold- Same procedure as above but you must also take many pictures of the damaged box, packaging, and the loss of life. Please save the box and packaging materials as the post office may chose to inspect. Dry them out outside.